What Are The Technological Advancements In Marketing?

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Marketing is one aspect of human endeavors that has no end because, at one point or the other, we are either going to sell something or buy something.

Be that as it may, marketing has taken different shapes and methods. Over the years, several technological advances have been made.

While the principles of marketing remain the same, the techniques of marketing are very much dynamic. Technological advancement has seen to the upgrade of marketing strategies and consequently, generated better sales records and procures.

What Are The Technological Advances In Marketing? The technological advances in marketing are those technological breakthroughs that have aided marketing, increased sales and patronage for product and service marketers and enhanced customers’ access to goods and services for better satisfaction.

The impact of technological advancement in marketing is on both the producers, sellers, consumers, and buyers. Producers now have greater chances of collecting and organizing viable marketing data to boost their sales.

There is improved access to consumers specifically those who would be interested in their products and services.

The ways of creating ads and the channels of projecting businesses have also improved, talk of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Youtube videos, search engines, blogs, etc.

On the part of the consumers, shopping and accessing services have been made easier for them. With platforms like Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, and the likes, goods are practically delivered to their doorsteps.

The prices of goods and services have somewhat tilted in favor of consumers. There is seldom a monopoly of trade by some sect of sellers, as more companies have their products projected out there, creating a stream of options for consumers to choose from.

Some of the technological inventions that have advanced marketing include social media, artificial intelligence, and other platforms like Clickfunnels, the Internet of Things, and even the Cloud.

Top Four Technological Inventions In Marketing

1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is one of the most viable technological assistance entrepreneurs are grateful to have. With Clickfunnels, you do not necessarily have to computer savvy to have your sales skyrocket.

They help entrepreneurs grow their business by assisting their customers in the shopping process and guiding them to specific products and services, thereby increasing their satisfaction rate.

Clickfunnels also enhance the sellers-buyers relationship that helps entrepreneurs maintain a good front with their customers, aiding the follow-up process from the goods and services providers to the consumers.

Clickfunels features follow-up funnels that enable you to send updated messages to your customers via social media, email, text, and desktop notifications.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used by various technologies including social media platforms. These technologies can collect and process millions of data faster than the human brain.

They automatically decipher the products and services that a customer will be interested in and then they also drive traffic to the sites of goods and services providers, thereby increasing sales and customer awareness for sellers and enhancing satisfaction for consumers.

Search engines use Artificial Intelligence to generate results for searchers on the internet after interpreting the sent queries.

Goods and services providers take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to optimize their content for search engines through Search Engine Optimization.

Google and social media platforms like Facebook, including other tech companies, are improving their services with AI and are making advances with great strides.

3. Social Media and Google

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. now use the information on consumers to channel ads.

With the use of artificial intelligence, social media platforms, and Google now have ample information on your possible areas of interest from your browsing behavior, favorite programs on TV, your friends on social media, and those you follow generally.

All this information is utilized to help you shop better. On the part of the service providers, sellers, and manufacturers, with the help of the social media and browser cookie, they can now reach consumers and project their goods and services better through personal posts on their websites and social media handles and sponsored posts.

4. Internet of Things [IoT]

The Internet of Things refers to the growing collection of devices connected via the internet. These devices can be refrigerators, cars, etc.

Marketers have the chance to gather information about consumers – what they like or dislike, the tastes, and preferences, browsing behavior, etc.- when they use these connected devices.

Advantages of Technological Advancement In Marketing

It now takes lesser time and energy to put your product and services out there and get to a large number of viewers who prospectively may turn to clients.

Sales have boomed with these technological advances. People now record larger sales as the customers get more satisfied.

The rise in technological advancement in the world of marketing has led to increased product authenticity because there’s little or no monopoly in many areas as a larger number of producers, manufacturers, and sellers now have better access to customers via social media, Clickfunnels, and other channels.

Sellers and service providers now have to be at their best to stand out among the streaming similar product and service to attract and retain the attention of those who patronize them and turn them into permanent or long term clients.

The technological advancement in marketing has created the zeal in people to go into the study of computers, marketing strategies, and other fields related to marking and technology because it is lucrative.

These days, some schools are tending towards creating courses from societal needs and problems to address them properly.

Students are now driven to study courses that have a direct impact on their environment and society as it not only solves problems but also prepares a ready market for their profession and trade.


Technological advancement has impacted marketing to a great extent. And with the flow of events, there may be higher inventions that will impact marketing to a larger extent.

Several platforms have leveraged on Artificial Intelligence to analyze and manage market data to the advantage of all concerned.

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