What Is The Latest Technology In Interior Design?

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Technology is impacting almost every facet of our world. The interior design industry is not left out as technological innovations have been impacting the interior design industry.

It is expedient for interior designers to be aware of these emerging technologies so they can position themselves for the change to come. So then, what is the emerging technology in interior design?

What are the emerging technologies in interior design? Technology is changing the way interior design is being done. Some of the emerging technologies that would completely transform the interior design industry in times to come are smart homes, augmented reality, and virtual reality among many others.

How Technology is Transforming Interior Design

Technology is causing changes in swift manners in our world today. The wind of technological change is beginning to permeate the interior design industry.

Interior designers now have no other choice but to adapt and evolve with the demands of their clients who want to inculcate technology in their homes and offices.

Here are the top 6 emerging technologies that are transforming the interior design and that every interior designer must seek to adapt so as not to be left behind.

1. Smart homes:

First, it was smartphones but now we also have smart homes. The introduction of smart home technologies is beginning to change the architectural design in homes.

Interior designers need to be mindful of this and create a design that makes room for smart objects like smart light switches, smart TVs, smart thermostats, and the likes.

Smart home technology is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technology that has the potential to completely change the blueprint of interior designs.

2. Virtual Reality:

This is a common technology that has changed the gaming world and is now beginning to impact interior designs as well. Interiors designers who adopt this technology have a lot of advantages to derive from it.

The impact VR would bring on interior design is unfathomable. Imagine as an interior designer, you take your client through a digital room where they can see a virtual reality of your full design.

3. Tiny House Movement:

This is a movement that is impacting how homes would be designed in the future. The tiny house movement is being adopted by a lot of people all over the world especially with the rising housing prices as well as maintenance costs.

The tiny house movement is about building smaller houses that are usually cover not more than 37 square meters. With space so minimal as this, you cannot afford to be wasteful.

This is creating fresh challenges for interior designers as they have to come up with a compact home design that would fit the small canvas and that would still be visually appealing. Designers would need to hone their creativity with the emerging smart technologies that emphasize decreasing living spaces.

4. Augmented Reality:

This is an excellent and amazing technology that can help interior designers visualize rooms using 3D renderings of objects and furniture which they can embed in an existing environment via a device’s camera.

Aside from providing visual aids to designers, they can also be used to get accurate measurement which is very useful to determine the exact space measurement that an object or furniture would fit.

5. Green Homes:

Green homes are homes designed and built to be environmentally sustainable. With the emergence of diverse technologies as well as environmental concerns, green homes are now becoming a phenomenon an interior designer needs to bear in mind while coming up with their designs.

6. 3D Printing

The amazing intricacy of design that 3D printing provides as well as its cost-effectiveness have tremendously changed how interior designs are being done. Some people even believe it is going to start a new industrial revolution.

Interior designers can use the technology to build quick prototypes of their designs as samples which they can show to their client. This technology is a dream come true for interior designers.

With the emergence of 3D printers, designers can come up with imaginative constructions that were just dreams before the emergence of 3D printing.

What Would The Homes Of The Future Look Like?

With the emergence of diverse technologies like smart homes, 3D printings and also with various policies that are aimed at creating a sustainable environment, what then would our future homes look like?

With the trends we have observed in our society, we can safely conclude that the future is all about convenience.

The Swiss industrial designer and founder of Fuseproject, Yves Béhar, said, “For me, the home in 20 years is silent, focused on human interaction, sustainable, healthy, and uniquely shaped experientially for its occupant.

I see the systems of the house are passive and efficient. When I walk through the spaces, an overwhelming feeling of peace is the main impression.”

Perhaps one of the most remarkable and important trends in home design would be associated with creating a sustainable environment. Bio-degradable materials would be used more in building future homes.

Also, there is a likelihood that the outdoors are coming indoors in the future home’s design. Indoor gardens or vegetable planters would be integrated inside the homes to give you a feel of nature even while you are indoors.

Also, we would have homes with dynamically shaped architecture. Future home architectural designs are shifting to new heights, unique shapes, and mind-blowing designs.

We would also have smart furniture that can change its height or activate special features to give you the maximum comfort when required. Anything is possible in the future.

Who knows, your furniture could double as workout equipment or your electric appliances doubling as home décor.

This can be supported by the fact that we are beginning to adopt the tiny house movement. This means there is a need for efficient optimization of space which can be achieved with this change.

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