What Is The Latest Cleaning Technology?

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Technologies have impacted almost every facet of our world. They have made our work more efficient and led to increased productivity. Technology and innovations have been impacting the cleaning industry.

With the introduction of the electric vacuum in 1860, the electric washing machine in 1908, electric dishwasher in 1929, electric clothes dryer in 1938, and so many more.

A lot of technologies are still being invented in the industry. You might want to know, What are the latest trends in cleaning technology?

What Are The Latest Cleaning Technologies? Some of the latest technologies in the cleaning industry are data-driven cleaning tools, robots, smart dispenser, toilet paper buzz, and electrostatic innovations among many others.

As technology is impacting every aspect of our lives, making our works faster thereby leading to efficiency and enhanced productivity, a lot of technology has emerged in the cleaning industry likewise.

What Are The Top Technologies That Are Changing The Cleaning Industry?

Data-driven cleaning technologies, with the rise of connected devices, big data, and the Internet of things, the cleaning industry is also developing cleaning technologies in this light.

With data-driven cleaning technologies, facilities managers and workers can now track real-time data to monitor and ensure that amenities like towels, tissue dispensers, and soap are never empty.

Storage of information about problems and issues would no longer follow the traditional method of papers and files but would now be done electronically.

Based on data, cleaners can digitize their routes. Likewise, managers can review trends and get insights from this data for making better and smarter decisions.

Top Three (3) Technology That Are Changing The Cleaning Industry

1. Robots

Contrary to a lot of peoples’ opinions about robots, robots are not being introduced into the cleaning industry to replace human labor.

It is a case of “human and robots” not a case of “human versus robots”. Robots would aid human labor in the cleaning industry to attain efficiency.

2. Smart Dispensers

Sanitizers are needed against the spread of germs and are important in almost every organization. One of the cleaning technologies that has been introduced in this area is smart dispenser.

It is a touch-free dispenser that automatically detects the human hand when it is placed under it. It also has a functionality that tracks the state of the dispenser and sends alerts when an upgrade or service is required.

3. Toilet Paper Buzz

There is also a new toilet paper technology. It is also referred to as biological active tissue.

When the toilet paper makes contact with water, non-pathogenic microorganisms are activated and enzymes are produced.

These enzymes would focus on the main causes of organic waste build-up in pipes. Then these microorganisms would now reproduce to increase the cleaning efforts.

Once the waste is gone, the enzymes leave no residue behind by undergoing biodegradation.

The effects are usually noticeable within four weeks, when septic tanks, sewer systems, and pipes, are freed of dirt and waste to help prevent blockages. Also, the product helps in fighting unpleasant odors.

Top 10 Examples of Technological Innovations In The Cleaning Industry

1. Soapless Eco Clothes Cleaners

This innovation allows you to do laundry anywhere. Its compact structure is packed with a lot of innovative features that eradicates the time, and tediousness associated with laundering. It acts as both washer and dryer.

2. Remote-Controlled Cleaning Devices

This remote-controlled cleaning device is ideal for lazy people who just don’t want to clean. The device does the cleaning for you while you sit back and manage the video game-like controller.

In this category, we have remote controlled mops, and we also have remote-controlled garbage disposer.

3. Dry Cleaning Clothing Hangers

The Smart Hanger doubles as a dry cleaner. With a couple of this in your closet, you need not take your clothing to the dry cleaner again.

When you are done wearing your clothes, you simply hang it and it would be cleaned and ready for you when next you need it.

4. Intelligent Trash Cans

Here is an interesting innovation that would blow your mind away. The trash can is intelligent enough to detect the size of the trash you want to dispose of and would make the appropriate opening for it.

Also, it allows you to keep track of how full the trash can is by displaying gradual color changes on the outside of the bin.

5. Palm-Sized Portable Washers

This washer can come in handy for you anytime. It is just the size of your computer’s mouse and it can wash your garment just as good. You can always take it with you anywhere.

6. Water-Infused Jewelry Cleaners

This would get rid of dirt and stains on your jewelry making them look as good as new.

7. Sensor Activated Waste Bins

This innovation is breathtaking. There are moments when we want to dispose of a piece of garbage but we would rather throw it probably because we are too lazy to stand up.

Often, we miss the target leaving the trash lying on the floor until we stand up and pick them all up.

With the sensor activated waste bins, we need not worry about missing our target when we want to throw the trash from a distance because it is fully equipped to move around to catch any items thrown in the air.

8. Food Digesting Cleaners

This cleaner collects kitchen waste products and converts them to biofuel energy. It eats up the wastes and converts the energy to what is being used to power the Bio-Clean machine.

The machine doubles as a garbage disposer and sweeper.

9. Golf Ball Dusters

This makes cleaning fun and smooth. Cleaning is stressful on a good day, but with the Golf ball dusters, things may just start looking up.

It not only does the job for you, but it also does it in a rather entertaining manner.

10. Ultraviolet Shoe Sterilizer

If you are worried about germs inside your shoes, this shoe sanitizer might just be the best innovation for you.

The product makes use of ultraviolet ray lamps to sterilize and kill any fungi, viruses, or bacteria lurking in your footwear. The process only takes about 10 minutes.

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