Is Microsoft Office 2013 Still Viable Today?

Microsoft has changed the technology. They have made us aware of a new world that the rest of companies haven’t been able to do so far. With Microsoft being the most widely used operating system it has made the life of the user much simpler than ever before.

One of the changes that it made o our life is with the software like Microsoft office. Without this software the Operating System are worthless. This software gets out job done faster and in a standard manner. Since the establishment of the first Microsoft Office, it has been quite popular but had issues.

Over the year Microsoft has improved its software and has made Microsoft far better. Even the iWork of Mac could reach the level that Windows Office has developed. With editions of Office coming up with the latest features, the question here stands is the Microsoft Office still viable in the world of Office 365? The answer to this is yes.

It is Easier to Create Content

It is much easier to create content in Office 2013. Like the previous version, one has to find it difficult to create content but with 2013 that is not the case. There were much as the feature to insert content as per your requirement but the things have changed with that. However for the one who doesn’t use much of the office then any version is really great but with the fact that you want to have a command on the content creation then this is the best thing to use.

With this version, you can also embed videos from the web into any document. This is an extremely unique feature to have been used in the document. A search box helps you to that. Since the feature is the first one hence it much lighter than the rest of the upper editions.

Editing has Been Made Easier

The editing is the most important part of the file documenting. One has to verify it that the document is readable to all the people. Microsoft Office 2013 does a great job in that too. It has made some changes that made the editing process all the very better. You can now also reply through comments and that is an excellent thing for the office workers.

The comment in the past version was reflected on the screen but in this edition, they can also be hidden making it more suitable to view and edit the document.

The Impressive User Interface

The User interface of all the Office software is really impressive than the rest of the version, they are light to the system and feel pretty good to the eyes. The transition that has been used in this version is also with nothing. The interfaced is an important thing to consider before that is what makes the experience the better.

The older version had a dull look while the newer is more or less the same and the cost is more. It is no doubt better to updated but that isn’t required if you have nothing much to do with the MS word.


The cost of Microsoft Office is lesser than that of the latest version. Office 365 has a subscription deal and hence if you are not a frequent user then it is just a waste of money. The additional feature that the office 365 isn’t much of a needed feature and plus you have to pay for the services on the subscription basis and hence it is worthless to even give it a try.

Also, if you don’t have it and you require to work on one you won’t have it. Hence the MS office 2013 is a one time show that has almost all the features of the latest version yet cheap.


There are many versions of Microsoft office that have come with the more features. However, the addition that has been made in Microsoft Office 2013 is the lightest one to be done. The above versions are more advanced and are not suited for the light users. If you are a student or workers who only need the Office for the light task then Microsoft is viable to you.

Moreover, the Microsoft Office 2013 is lighter than the latest version and hence you can use it efficiently without much of a system requirement.

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