Place: Figueres | Catalunya/Spain
Date: 23-27 september 2009
Event: Festival IngrĂ vid

Urban Cursor is a GPS enabled object designed to facilitate social interaction and play in public space.

The object, which is shaped as an oversized 3-dimensional computer cursor (pointer), was placed on a square in Figueres, Catalunya during the cultural festival IngrĂ vid.

Here, people could touch it, move it around and sit on it as an alternative to the benches.

Despite being removed from its normal screen based environment, the cursor was still in touch with the digital world. Via an embedded GPS device, the cursor transmitted its geographic coordinates to a website. At the website, the coordinates were mapped in Google Maps thereby documenting the cursor’s movements in the physical world and making it possible for participants to see how they collectively helped move the object around.

During the festival participants could also upload photos of the cursor at the website. The photos were automatically placed on the map by matching the photos’ digital time stamp with the GPS coordinates.

Use the top menu to navigate the map.

Urban Cursor is a project by Danish designer Sebastian Campion.
For more information please contact Sebastian Campion at: info [at]
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