What Is The Impact Of Technology On Jobs?

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A lot of people have a negative correlation between jobs and technologies as they feel technologies especially the robotic technologies are here to replace their jobs.

Many have taken on other side hustle just to incase the worst happens, they will have something to fall back on.

While this notion is not completely true, technology has had a lot of impact on jobs today and has changed how some jobs are done.

So, how has technology affected jobs? Well, the truth of the matter is that technologies are not here to displace people from their jobs but to help transform the workforce. Technologies have led to efficiency and enhanced productivity by automating manual and repetitive tasks thereby reducing human errors.

How Has Technology Affected Jobs?

Technology has impacted jobs across the globe in several ways. Most of which are positive and a few others which are negative. Here are some of the impacts of technology on jobs:

1. Increased productivity. With technology, manual repetitive tasks that were performed by humans are now being automated.

Workers no longer need to do this boring repetitive tasks reducing human error and thereby increasing productivity.

2. Technologies have come with the emergence of a lot of new jobs and have also replaced some old ones. These facts should not make you fear.

Your job might be part of the jobs that would be replaced by technologies but you should get prepared and fit for the jobs that would be available with the emergence of technology.

3. Jobs that involve monotonous and repetitive tasks are being replaced by technology. Examples of such tasks are traffic control, house cleaning, driving, and the likes of it.

However, technologies are designed using software and hardware that is built and controlled by humans. They are built to help us with our work and not to take over our jobs completely.

Emerging Technologies That Are Impacting The Future of Work

Here are some of the emerging technologies that have impacted and is still sure to impact the way work is being done in our society.

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Augmented and Virtual reality
  • Cloud technologies
  • Machine learning
  • Blockchain

AI is the core of the smart technologies we have in our homes today and this technology is gradually finding its way to the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence has the potentials to increasing productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in the workplace. AI in the workplace would create more jobs than would be lost.

Cloud technologies have made remote accessibility possible and this has led to the rise of remote jobs and has made recruiting geographically independent.

This has given employees more flexibility as they work which is key in productivity.

Machine learning has led to the emergence of automation. You can now automate tedious tasks and processes which are very prone to error if done by humans.

Also, with machine learning, you can get predictable insights businesses can use in making smart decisions.

To properly leverage the power of these technologies and to be prepared as a community for the impact of these technologies, there would be a need for restructuring in our educational system.

Educational systems would need to adjust to training students in roles that are directly associated with working with Artificial Intelligence, cloud technologies, machine learning, blockchain, and virtual reality.

They would also need to train students on skills related to programming and data analysis. This requires more emphasis to be placed on the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Also, courses centered around building creative, emotional, and social skills should be included in the curriculum.

Even though artificial intelligence will be more productive than humans for manual repetitive tasks, humans will always outshine machines in jobs requiring creativity, relationship-building, emotional intelligence, and imagination.

What Is The Future Of Jobs With The Emergence Of Technologies?

With the emergence of all sorts of technologies, you might be wondering what the future of work would be like. These technologies would lead to the reshaping of the workforce.

When humans work with the help of technology, productivity would increase. Technologies would aid in performing jobs that were repetitive and do it much faster than humans and the work will be error-free.

Humans, on the other hand, would no longer need to focus on such time-taking and repetitive manual tasks but can now direct their focus on more creative tasks which of course cannot be handled by technology.

Technological advancement in the future alongside human collaboration would sure yield more productivity than we are getting now.

Rather than a complete replacement, a lot of jobs would involve collaboration between these rising technologies and human effort.

It is a kind of environment where humans are doing what humans know how to do best and technologies would be programmed to do what they know how to do best.

For example, technologies can only do what they have been programmed or designed to do. Jobs that require emotional intelligence cannot be performed by technology.

So irrespective of how advanced technology become in the nearest future, human labor cannot be discarded as we would still require human contribution in the workforce.

Likewise, customer service and relationships still require a form of human interaction which technologies obviously would not be able to provide.

Also, problem-solving requires creative thinking and technologies are not capable of that. They are dull and repetitive.

Humans, on the other hand, are creative and can come up with ideas while they are working.

The emergence of technology would bring about a social revolution but not the one we fear. Forrester predicts that automation will create jobs to offset the ones it eliminates.

In essence, the fact that robots will transform the workforce is inevitable. Some jobs would be lost but some more would be created. The question is how prepared are you for this revolution?

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