What Is Code Generator On Facebook And How To Use It?

facebook code generator

Whether you have run a blog or a small business, Facebook has improved our lives by connecting us with our friends and loved ones all around the world. It is very easy to reach people; but as easy as it is to meet people it is a hundred times easier to put our identity at risk.

Not protecting your information may lead to unwanted guests having access to your accounts and data and doing whatever they want with it. Because of this, Facebook has created multiple verification methods to secure your privacy such as Code Generator.


The Facebook code generator is one of the different ways you can increase your account protection with an additional verification step to log in. It does not make identity thieves stay back forever but decreases their chances of entering your profile.

The process is very simple: by enabling the Facebook code generator, every time you enter your password and username a 6 digit code will be sent to your phone. If you are using a laptop or another device you just type that code to enter your account; if you are already using your main mobile phone just tapping the code should be enough.


It is believed that account hackers have programs capable of testing millions of passwords in a matter of seconds. This is why creating extra steps are so vital to protect our contact lists, messages, banking information, and app services.

There are many reasons to use this security method in particular. In addition to the previously explained features, the code generator can help you to reset your password if for any reason you do not remember it.

An even better application for this code is never having to worry again about leaving your account open in other devices. The same idea applies to stolen or lost mobile phones.

And last but not least, a good thing to know is that it does not require Internet nor SMS service; you will receive your code no matter what. As you can suppose, the code generator only works in the Facebook App of your phone — logging in from the website itself could not show that option.


First and foremost, we must understand that this is only one security option among other alternatives that ‘double-factor verification’ allows you to use. In other words, the only way to use the code generator is enabling the double-factor verification first.

The next thing we should know is that the verification system also gives two options depending on what level of security you want to have. If you are someone who is accessible and use social media all the time you may consider taking the safest one.


The default option is entering the received code every single time you want to log in. This means that if you lost your device or someone takes it without your permission they will have a login.

You would have seen this option a lot in sites that require high security like personal bank websites — they refresh your session after 60-120 seconds of inactivity forcing you to log in again. It is very recommended.

However, for someone who does not care too much about security, it may feel annoying to spend some seconds entering your password and mobile code. If you never had privacy problems and believe that you can trust people around you, consider this second option.

Making Facebook remembering the device you used to log into your account is a simple way to protect yourself from people interested in taking your information from their own locations and devices. Once you set it as your main device, you are asked to use it every time you log into your account from other ones.


Let’s just say you bought a new phone and want to log into your account — but you also enabled double-factor verification in your old mobile phone. After entering your password you may select an option to verify your identity.

In this case, we are interested in the code generator. Once you click that option, your main device (the older one) will receive the code you need to copy.

Of course, once you have already entered you can go to settings and make your new phone your main device. Every time you access the profile with the ‘Remember me’ option enabled you will skip the credentials request in that device.

As you have seen, Facebook gives us wide options to protect our data. If you have enabled this option, the next time you use your Facebook you can be sure that you have set the maximum level of protection.

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